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Looking to learn to play piano? Look no farther, you have found the right site and found the best piano tutorial online! We are striving to give you everything possible to learn to play the piano in the least amount of time. Whether you are a beginner and need to learn piano basics, or have some piano playing skills, we have lessons for you. Piano lessons for children and adults alike! We aim to show you the easiest way to learn piano from some of the worlds best piano teachers now available on the internet. Here are some of the great things we will cover in our piano courses-

Piano Tutorial

Piano Theory

If you have already had any kind of music or piano lessons, in reality, you probably have started learning some music theory. What most people don’t know is that piano theory is music theory. When you take music classes in college, you have to take a keyboard class to learn music theory. So if you get yourself or your child started now on piano they will have a great head start on music theory for Piano Theory And Piano Techniquelater in life when they go to college.

Once you or your children see theory concepts on the keyboard they can learn to find them in the music they are playing and begin to understand and listen to how the music they’re playing is put together, and in return this will help develop your or your child’s musical ear.

If you are wanting to be in a band, or your ultimate goal is to write music, you will have to dive deeply into music and piano theory and also the mechanics of writing music. Your piano lessons will give you a head start towards a lifelong enjoyment of music theory and make it easier to learn other instruments (like guitar) and create music.


Piano Technique

Some piano techniques must be learned, such as fingering on the piano and scales.
Some teach that the fingers and only the fingers should be involved while playing the piano, while other teachers believe the whole arm is involved. We will further explore which we think is best and show you what might work best for you. Our piano training course will give you complete step by step instructions starting from ear training to music theory and also coach you on to play by means of numerous techniques. We will even explore some piano extended techniques.

Piano Basics

Piano Basics


We will also teach you more piano basics, such as piano scales and piano chords. Once you have learned piano basics we will move on to rock and roll piano lessons, boogie woogie piano lessons, learn to play gospel piano, jazz and blues, and a whole lot more! We will even start off with some FREE PIANO LESSONS!!


How To Get Started

Our site is currently under construction, but we will quickly have pages where you can learn some quick techniques. We will have multiple pages where you can learn to master the piano, so be sure to check back often to see what we have added new to the site. We have a lot ready to go and are finalizing it now and can’t wait to help get you started in such a great, life enriching, experience and show off to your friends!

Here is a video of a child that has amazing skills at a very  young age. If he can do it, why can’t you?? You can do ANYTHING you set your mind too! Enjoy – and hope to see you soon.